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Technical and Program Management Services

Bob's broad experience includes Project and Program Management of cross-functional teams, as well as individual technical consulting at the architectural level.

Project and Program Management 

Bob has program managed multi-discipline teams covering a wide variety of technical areas, and often including pre-launch marketing activities.  In general, projects were completed on schedule with positive results.  (References are available)

Program Management Experience:

  • Programmable Logic Development Software
  • Structured ASIC Architecture & Design Software
  • Device Architecture Design and Validation
  • IC Design
  • Place & Route Software (User)
  • Library development
  • Test Development
  • System and Software for ASIC and System Emulation
  • Programmable Routing Chip Architecture Design and Validation
  • IC Design
  • Partitioning Software (User)
  • Place & Route Software (User)
  • Test Development
  • PCB Architecture and Design
  • High-pincount IC package Design and Fab
  • Debug System and Software
  • Document Imaging, Document Scanners, and Image Processing
  • Semiconductor Packaging - High Pincount Flip Chip and BGA
  • Custom semiconductor process for embedded capacitor array
  • IC design, fab, and test
  • Custom laminate core process development for embedding silicon in substrate
  • High-pincount BGA package Design, Fab, and Test

Architecture Definition

As an indicator of Bob's expertise in architecture definition, please see his patent portfolio on display at www.silaero.com and at the USPTO.  See also his Work Portfolio.

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