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Bob Has 26 Patents Granted and 10 Pending.  Of this total of 36 applications, he has drafted 20, and has prosecuted 12 working directly with the PTO.  He also works closely with Patent Attorneys and is well respected by them.  From 1989 through 1993 he was an expert witness in a patent litigation regarding semiconductor architectures between the patent owner company and four competitors who were allegedly infringing the patent.  In this litigation Bob was the expert witness for Patent Validity.

Bob can perform patent searching services as well as the drafting of patent applications at reasonable cost.

While not a registered patent agent, Bob has successfully filed and prosecuted four patent applications that have issued in his name during 2005/2006.

Patent Search

Patent and Web searching for IP Prior Art can be very expensive when performed through the offices of an attorney.  Bob possesses strong domain expertise and searching skills that enable extensive searches to be performed at reasonable cost.

Patent Application Draft Creation

As an indicator of Bob's expertise in drafting patent applications, please see his patent portfolio on display at www.silaero.com and at the US PTO.  Bob will work with your engineers to extract the essence of their invention, draft a comprehensive application, and then work with your attorney to see that the claims are consistent with both the invention and your business goals.

Expert Witness Services

Bob is an experienced Expert Witness and will consider assignments in the following domains:

  • ASIC and Programmable Logic
  • EDA software
  • PC Add-ons including Video Functions
  • Wireless Mesh Networks
  • Processor architecture
  • Document Imaging, Scanners, Image Processing
  • Cell phone features and communication architecture
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