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Marketing begins where market understanding and technical innovation come together.  Market research and competitive analysis
feed the process where products are planned and development is initiated.  Customer surveys are critical for early validation of product definition and direction.

Product Planning

Bob has led the product planning process as both a consultant and employee at companies in a wide varieties of industries including:

  • Programmable Logic
  • ASICs and Structured ASICs
  • System and ASIC Emulation
  • Personal Computer add-ons including Video Functions
  • Logic Analyzers
  • Document Imaging, Document Scanners, and Image Processing
  • Semiconductor Packaging - Including Flip Chip and BGA
  • Wireless Mesh Networking

Many of these efforts have involved cross-disciplinary facilitation, the most complicated of which involved IC design,  high pin count package design, EDA software design for Partitioning, Place & Route, and software for system diagnostics including logic analyzer interface and coordination.

Marketing Promotion and Advertising

Promotion and Advertising are important to implement the Marketing strategy.  Please visit Bob's Work Portfolio to see past campaigns, articles, ads, and other promotional efforts.  Two of the more creative promotions planned by Bob were:

  • At P-CAD, Bob planned and executed a joint promotion with Texas Instruments creating a starter kit for Programmable Logic that carried both TI and P-CAD logos.  Over 50,000 were distributed - mostly by TI.
  • At Lightspeed Semiconductor, Bob submitted the original plan for a joint promotion with competitor companies that resulted in the first Webinar about Structured ASICs, wherein Ron Wilson (EE Times Editor) originally coined the name for this important industry segment.

Creation of comprehensive Google ad campaigns and coordinated Website positioning

Achieving success from any campaign - particularly a Google Adwords campaign - requires more than clever sound bites.  It requires a comprehensive and coordinated theme that stimulates the viewer and keeps them engaged when they arrive at your Website's landing page.  The positioning of both the ads and key Webpages must be consistent and highly differentiated from your competitors.
Bob will enhance key Webpages to ensure maximum impact and differentiation, and create a suite of Google ads that maximize the numbers of qualified leads (emails and phone calls) your company receives.

Market Research and Competitive Analysis

Bob planned and executed broad-based Customer Surveys and performed extensive Customer Interviews at six different startup companies.

He has performed Competitive Analyses as both employee and consultant for companies in Wireless Networking and Document Imaging,
as well as Programmable ICs (ASIC, FPGA, DSP, etc.)

Business Plan and Strategy Creation

Bob has worked on at least 12 Business Plans for Startups, both as founder, co-founder, and Exec Staff Member.  At least half of these produced VC or Strategic Partner funding.

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